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Because encouragement is what I need right now! :-)

About DVR

The track Cupertino Cabal is from the new electronica-ish album California which features 10 tracks, all inspired and titled appropriately by the namesake state. The album is a journey of imprinted memories, collected by Christensen when he lived in Santa Monica almost a decade ago.
California is an eclectic compendium of rhythm and art, carried on tidal waves of synth and soul.
‘Groveland’ opens the album, with echoing synth sweetness, and as you take flight into another realm, you pass over the winding eastern beats of ‘Cupertino Cabal’, only to land in the lap of the beautifully bittersweet vocals on, ‘Goodbye Santa Monica’. With its invigorating, swayful beats, and carefully timed precision, California is sound worthy of the ‘Eclectrica’ crown.
DVR is the brainchild of vocalist/drummer/guitarist, and master engineer, Olav Christensen. His most recent achievement is the album Singles, which followed the first electronica debut, The Day Spa Sessions. DVR’s music catalog can be accessed at the following link:


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