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Groveland, Massachusetts

We write and play great rock songs

About MM3

Based in Groveland, Massachusetts since 2015, MM3 are an alternative rock band with a predominantly grunge/garage sound, as well as some punk and country being factored into the equation. The chief instigator is guitarist/songwriter/vocalist Mike Meagher, with the support of John Williams (lead vocals) Al Ruggeri (drums) and David Morse (bass). The band name comes for a molecular force in chemistry. Influences span a broad spectrum – from Nirvana and Rob Zombie across to Ozzy Osbourne and Tool.

Some press on our music

MM3: “No One’s Fault But Mine” – Heavy, Precise, Complex, and Richly Textured!

MM3 – Observational Alchemy


Interview with MM3 – No One’s Fault But Mine