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3D In Your Face

Omaha, Nebraska

We play from the heart and soul dirty rock n roll.

About 3D In Your Face

3D In Your Face Press Release for new album Lost In The Volume –
“Lost In The Volume” Press Release

“Lost In The Volume” is the fifth release from the Omaha,Nebraska based 3D In Your Face. The follow up to the 2013 “Midnight Devils” album, two years
later “Lost In The Volume” is a unique mixture of glam rock, old school
punk, and heavy metal that only these Nebraska boys can deliver. This
album is a dedication to their collective love of old school FM rock n roll
radio. The same radio stations that are in every small town across
America. Combining the hooks of Cheap Trick with the blistering guitar
work of Van Halen, 3D In Your Face delivers a straight ahead Rock N Roll
record to the very last song. “Lost In The Volume” is honest, from the
heart, and most of all inspired by the last two years living in the fast
lane with the radio cranked.


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