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Southampton, Pennsylvania

As original keyboards/vocals for Alan Mann, David Rowan, Robert Hazard '77 thru '90s song's special

About Saklad

Once renewed songwriting surged with 2nd album, SAKLAD ’10, it cannot stop! Fresh album Spellbound released 7/2/15, title songs just remixed thru 9/20/16 http://sakladmusic.com. Originals incl Oh. Phila, song & project- local songs to do w/ Philly, & ’06 cd Yet2B.
He’s performing with guitars & piano, original back trax + songs featuring co-writer Kim De Meo, and friend(s). Saklad’s history in the Phila Music Scene spans 30+ years, original member on keyboards & bu vocals for Alan Mann, David Rowan (since age 13), Robert Hazard, and writing/perform w Essra Mohawk, many others.
*To listen begs to discover more- who is this musician, began classical piano age 6, performed at Carnegie Hall age 10, & again regularly offers new originals for your ears & heart.
**Christmas On The Block © Alan Mann 1983 [rip ’87] by permission- Mann family, Robin (Alan Mann’s sister)- “You did a fantastic job with Christmas On The Block… would love for you to do this, anything to keep his name, voice, memory alive”.
“Former Alan Mann & The Free Arts Band member, Larry Saklad, has released a new recording of Christmas On The Block, both in honor of this legendary local favorite and to Alan’s 33rd anniversary of it’s first release in 1983. Saklad was Mann’s original piano/keyboard man in The Free Arts Band thru ’79 who also released another recording of this song in ’95, tracked & mixed @ Art Inst Of Phila and aired on Street Beat, then local original music show hosted by Cyndy Drue (WMMR, now @ WMGK); years later he felt it was overproduced- not authentic to the original, which this new recording aimed at correcting, including Alan’s favorite- a 12 string Guild guitar! (And now 6 grandkids singing ala Mann’s track!)”

The story goes something like…
… Alan Mann was late getting home to his girlfriend, and somewhere in West Phila-Overbrook, had a vision of the wonderful lights decorating a School For The Blind, feeling both the irony and magic of how that must be for those students, that “their’s is the most beautiful Christmas On The Block”, and had the whole song written by the time he arrived.
History and tradition have surrounded this folk song ever since it’s first low-fi release and subsequent early MTV video, which also recieved full support from Yoko Ono, and had loyal fans’ requests thru-out these passing years. But Alan never had the chance to produce a true studio quality recording of it before he was gone. Larry relays how not two weeks before, Alan Mann spoke at length with him near 24th on Walnut, Phila, outside his mgr’s brownstone, about re-joining the Alan Mann Band, that he missed piano…

“Ultimately,” states Saklad, “this has been a labor of love, and mighty happy about how this new record turned out! albeit 33 years later”.
Released by: KidGrin Records [indie]
Release date: Nov 29, 2016 this fresh mix (1st mix rel 11/29/11)


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