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Wayside Story

Chicago, Illinois

Fun pop-punk band that takes its music seriously, but doesn't take themselves nearly as much!

About Wayside Story

Wayside Story is a Chicago-based pop-punk band formed in the spring of 2015. With the members desperately in search of like-minded people to play music with, each turned to Craigslist hoping to fill the void (basically online dating for musicians). As soon as Brian (vocals, bass) and Casey (lead guitar) met in 2013, their shared musical interests and edgy style of play quickly clicked and led them looking for others to create a full act. Once Casey found an experienced drummer in Corbin shortly after, the three would meet in the west loop on a regular basis to jam out to their favorites and begin writing their own songs. After a long search for right person, they finally brought on Kevin’s (vocals, rhythm guitar) skill and creativity to round out the four-piece.

Wayside Story began playing in a number of different venues around the Chicagoland area, quickly gaining interest and notoriety within the local music scene. In the fall of 2015, the band teamed up with producer Roye Robley to begin recording their first official EP in Hammond, IN. After dozens of trips to and from Hammond, as well as countless hours spent by Roye perfecting the mixes, Wayside finally released “Young Adult Fiction” on August 5th, 2016. The six-song EP, which instantly drew high praise from fans, helped the band to secure an opening gig at the House of Blues shortly after on August 14th, Wayside’s biggest show to date.

Wayside Story will be featured on a number of shows around Chicago throughout 2017 to promote “Young Adult Fiction”, which is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp.


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