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Steve Wilkins

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

I've been writing music for years, but would love the chance to share my songs with more people.
Steve Wilkins
About Steve Wilkins

Steve Wilkins has never been in one place too long. Born in Kentucky as the son of a Methodist pastor, Wilkins has lived in the coastal regions of southern New Jersey, the flat landscape of Illinois, the mountainous regions of the Poconos, & the rich farmland of Lancaster county, before finally settling in the outskirts of the metro city of Harrisburg, PA.

Similarly, Wilkins’ musical landscape is a hybrid of prog rock, emo, electronic & 80’s pop. Raised on bands like Rush, Yes, & ELP, the bar for songwriting & technical prowess was set high very early on. Being the youngest of 4 siblings, he was taught to appreciate all kinds of music, from 70’s arena rock like Styx, to the virtuoso guitar performances of Joe Pass & Django Reinhardt, to the unique metal of Voivod. A major turning point came in his early twenties when Wilkins & his brother saw the band Mineral play a small coffeehouse in Lititz, PA. A perfect introduction to emo, Wilkins was hooked and began seeking out & emulating similar bands.

Wilkins’ debut E.P. No Rain Remain was released in June of 2016, with praise from critics & friends alike. Ric Albano of Modern Rock Review says, “Built on an acoustic-based foundation, the songs on Steve Wilkins debut EP are filled with movement and mood taking on a genre classification of their own.” Since the E.P.’s release, it has been featured on Good Day PA’s Studio Sessions, avalivemusic.com’s Behind The Music, & was a featured debut review on modernrockreview.com. He is currently working on new material and playing shows in the Harrisburg area.