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Claiming Neptune

Austin, Texas

So many school lunches and late-night fits of hangry...peanut butter and jelly!
Claiming Neptune
About Claiming Neptune

Known for their smooth and groovy sensibility made possible by a musical alchemy that transcends the vast array of influences brought to the band by its five members, Claiming Neptune is determined to breathe a new cosmic breath into the annals of rock music that will beckon fans to once again believe in magic and other strange obscurities.

Rocking out from their base of operations in Austin, Texas, the band is led by the sultry vocals of Lisa Borjon with Derrick Yeoman and Robert “Jynxmaster Flash” on guitars, Adam Barone on bass, and Jean Loustaunau on drums.

Claiming Neptune released its debut album entitled In Times of Change in March 2016, and is currently working on its second record.


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