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ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania

The Lehigh Valley is Dead:Stop's home. We love our hometown and want to show the people in it a great time they'll never forget. Our music inspires messages of determination and the importance of sticking together, especially through hard times. We want to show them the only way we know how to perservere and maybe it can help those who are struggling with their own road blocks. Show them how to come back from a Dead:Stop.
About Dead:Stop

Dead:Stop formed in 2012 to begin their journey of rock. D:S started as a 3 piece and eventually graduated to a 4 piece in 2014. The band is comprised of Guitarist: Brendan James, Lead Singer: Matt Trexler, Drummer: Aviv Roziner, and Bassist: Andrew Cooper. The four write original hard rock music with a heavy metal intensity.

Dead:Stop debuted their first Single “Someone Like You” in 2013 for their follow up EP, “Keep On” the next year. “Keep On” contains 5 more original tracks including the breakout single and is available on Spotify and iTunes. King Studios (Lehigh Valley) produced the EP and has since helped the band to record a hip-hop-gone-rock style cover song, “Battlescars” by Lupe Fiasco. Other singles include “It’s Not Over” a live acoustic track and a new original song “NoName” released in 2016.

Since 2014, Dead:Stop has opened for numerous headliners in a myriad of venues. in 2016, they opened for Pines, Otep, Doll Skin, and Mushroomhead within 6 months of each other. D:S has been making trips to Philly, NJ and NY to connect with bands, venues, and promoters and seeing new cities to reach as many people as possible to share their message and create relationships with fans, artists, and genuine people who love music.


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