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Bent Self

Phoenix, Arizona

Unique Alternative sound and dynamics
Bent Self
About Bent Self

Bent Self is the musical representation of Dustyn Marsing. This is his platform for consistently pushing musical boundaries with his unique, alternative, electronic sound. Bent Self’s aggressive but melodic vocals intertwine with dark undertones, hypnotic ambiance and dynamic poetic lyricism. Bent Self guides his audience through a whirlwind of emotion, across a multitude of musical genres.

Bent Self released two full length albums and two self-produced music videos under his independent label, Blind Alien Records. The debut album, Double Edge Sword Cut#1 (May 2010) includes single and music video “Kill Them Slow”. The second album, 7th Riot on Opal Skies, (May 2012) includes single and music video “Liquid Concrete”, inspired by professional skateboarder Trey Wood, who is also featured in the music video. Bent Self promoted his albums and played live shows at local & regional venues. This allowed him to share the stage with a variety of national alternative, metal, and hip hop acts such as Hed Pe, Authority Zero, Digital Summer, Vayden, Dilated Peoples, Living Legends, Bash Bros, Phunk Junkeez and more. Now he is busy on collaborations and working on new album, along with U.S. and Japan tour dates soon.


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