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When it comes to the extremes of alternative rock, Rancid Ronny has you covered. A fan of alternative music stemming from the classic punk days of the 80’s when you would catch Ronny thrashing about town on his board, he has an affinity for collecting vinyl records and is proud of his diverse collection. Butthole Surfers, Roy Orbison, the Circle Jerks, The Dead Kennedy, Money Penny, Dead Poet Society, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin. Ronny is also very much into the independent music scene and loves finding bands that have their own distinct sound of rock.

Originally from Galway, NY, Ronny made the move to Austin, TX in order to be immersed in the “live music capital of the world.” With nearly 200 live music venues in Austin, Ronny managed to keep himself busy and out of trouble. We’re happy to have Ronny on our team here in Allentown. His music knowledge is that of legends.


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