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  • Mike Daly and the Planets
  • Luke Hesketh
  • Steven Walker
  • Titanosaur
  • Andy Browne Troupe
  • The Modern Era
  • The Missing Letters
  • Crispy Bubble


Goldsboro, North Carolina

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About RLSpencer

RL Spencer Singer song writer Was in a successful Group and suddenly the band didn’t want to play out any more. Had many jobs lined up that had to be canceled. I took two years, learned a whole new style and went out and lined up solo jobs. I get to keep all the money and didn’t have to babysit anyone. Been to Nashville Tenn many times, warmly welcomed. Next trip wanna go to Memphis Tenn. and then Austin Texas. Music is something I’m goode at and can make a living doing. I live to play and play to live.