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I Am Fire

Los Angeles, California

"Die Bitch!" is loud, upbeat and fun to listen to rock anthem with a crazy guitar solo

About I Am Fire

I Am fire is a new rock outfit from Paris, France and L.A., California.
Our music is influenced by all the great “classic” hard rock bands (AC/DC, Motörhead, Motley Crüe, etc…)as they are slowly disapearing… Like them, we aim to be a “larger than life” band. In fact, we’d like to bring rock and the rock star concept back!
Our very 1rst single, “Die Bitch!” (do not take these lyrics too seriously!…), now appears on the “Heavy Christmas 2017” compilation the Dooweet Agency just released, in partnership with the FNAC, and that printed 10 000 copies!
The song was also featured on several Internet radios including Banks Radio Australia and Boston Rock Radio.
We are currently working on our next title “All Over You”as our marketing creed is not to put out full albums (who ever listen to a whole album anymore?)but to release several singles every year.
Thanks for your time and attention.