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Sur Rod

Nashville, Tennessee

Melodious, well-crafted pop/rock music with a wicked attitude.

About Sur Rod

SUR ROD is a Nashville duo – writer/singer Rod and musician/co-writer/producer Audi – whose collaboration began in 2011, bringing Rod’s stockpile of demos and unfinished songs to life. This led to the debut 2015 album, SURRODsound.

The core of Sur Rod’s sound is indie-rock; influences range from darker artists to rock’s greatest — all with a punk attitude to keep the integrity intact. Rod and Audi also leave the door wide open, allowing funk and pop influences to showcase Rod’s impressive vocal range. While Rod handles the majority of the writing, Audi arranges the songs and produces the recording sessions. However, this new album is much more collaborative, as half the songs were co-written by the duo.

This Ain’t No Wonderland summarizes Rod and Audi’s musical partnership to date, but it is only a small dynamic of what is to come.