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Blind Revision

Newport, Rhode Island

If people want to hear a cross of Coheed & Cambria and Evanescence with an edge, we are your band.

About Blind Revision

Blind Revision is a female-fronted rock band with metal and progressive influences. The band boasts a unique sound that can be described as a cross between Coheed & Cambria and Evanescence. Each member of the band has different influences; various genres are blended together on many of their tracks. Blind Revision is based in Rhode Island and frequently performs all over New England.

Music/Release History:
In August of 2015, Blind Revision released “Fight or Flight”, a 4-track EP recorded at No Boundaries Studios in Providence, Rhode Island. Songs from the EP received airplay on 94.1 HJY, Providence’s commercial rock radio station, as well as airplay on Womenofmetal.net, and New England Rock and Metal Radio. In May 2017, Blind Revision released their first concept EP, “Of White and Grey”, a 5-track EP recorded at Bridge East Studios in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. The EP follows the story of the narrator as he copes with various demons and psychological issues with each song representing a different lobe of the brain.

Live shows and notable features:
In September 2014, Blind Revision had the privilege of opening for nationally touring acts, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Hawthorne Heights in Providence, Rhode Island very early on in their career. In March of 2016, Blind Revision had the privilege of opening for the metal band, Revocation, in Providence, Rhode Island as well. In May of 2017, the band embarked on a successful East Coast tour of the U.S. in mid-May, in support of their new EP, “Of White and Grey”. Blind Revision has previously been featured as Women of Metal’s band of the month. The band was also featured in Surreal Beauty Magazine, The Grumpy Podcast, RI Free Radio and WEMF Radio. In 2017, Blind Revision was nominated for two Worcester Music Awards: best rock act and best hardcore act.