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Brandon Z. Smith

Brandon Z. Smith

Flint, Michigan


About Brandon Z. Smith

One of the most interesting and understated modern songwriters to emerge from folk music today, Brandon Z. Smith combines pop oriented melody with stark minimalism. Cryptic yet revealing , inward and transcendental Smith’s lyrics often read as Romantic Era poems.

Born and raised in Michigan, Smith always had an active interest in music. He got his first guitar as a birthday gift when he was a teenager and taught himself to play, emulating the simplicity of The Ramones and Nirvana. He fronted his first band in 2010, a punk band named Endorphin. They, like the majority of high school bands, broke up after a year but managed to find modest success in that ; time opening for Detroit grunge band Sponge and Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats (of The Red Hot Chili Peppers). From there Smith would experiment with his songwriting and would often hop genres. He moved to Austin, Texas in 2016 to play shows as an electronic artist. He played five shows and quickly grew disenchanted, scrapping the project altogether. He bought a forty dollar mandolin and began composing songs as he learned the instrument. Inspired by the old country music heard on the corners of downtown Austin, Smith focused on vocal melody and lyrics. After a year of writing and recording Smith moved back to Michigan and independently released his debut album, Transient.