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The Boardwalk Kings

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Boardwalk Kings are a high-energy rock ‘n roll band from the City of Brotherly Love!

About The Boardwalk Kings

The Boardwalk Kings are a high-energy rock quartet hailing from Philadelphia. The core of TBK are four veteran musicians whose passion for exceptional songwriting, engaging live performances, and collaborations with other artists around the world earned them a stellar reputation in the Philly Music Scene. The Boardwalk Kings are comprised of Travis Coffin (Lead Singer and Guitars), Vinny Marone (Lead Guitars and Vocals), Matt Pagan (Drums, Percussion, and Vocals) and Pete Samulis (Bass and Vocals). Their chemistry makes for standout rock music that makes you want to dance while also telling intricate and relatable stories that make their songs feel timeless and fresh. TBK approaches writing and recording music with the same passion as their high-octane live performances, inviting their fans and new listeners to get on the ride and find out that rock ‘n roll is alive and well!


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