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Dewey Roberts

Solvang, California

My #1 goal is to relate with people using my music, no matter kind of or style of music they enjoy!

About Dewey Roberts

I am a Singer/Song Writer and Guitarist from Santa Barbara California. I have always wanted to share my music with the world! Whether it was writing music, teaching music, or performing music, I always knew that this was what I was going to do with my life. Today, I have made and recorded my first album called ‘Common Essence’, which came out in 2016. The whole point of this album is that each song has a different feeling than the one before it. For example, Mr. Gypsy Man is a very alternate new-age kind of song. Where as there is different song that is very Metallica sounding called, ‘Riding Off The Rails’. I wrote, sang and played every instrument on the album besides drums and female vocals. I am also the music director at Solvang school and have my own private students that I teach as well. My main goal is to share my music with everyone so that I can and show them the joy of music. I think that my sound is unique and has something to offer everyone!