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The Insidious Rays

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Respect The Rock!

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About The Insidious Rays

The Insidious Rays are a rock band that spans multiple styles of music. Hailing from Bethlehem, PA, The Insidious Rays have been performing since Jan 2001. Originally a 4-track recording project of singer/guitarist Matt Juknevic, the Rays took form as a 3 piece band with Jon Braun on drums and Michael Davidson on bass. Since their inception, the Rays evolved into a 5-piece band. They have released three full-length albums; More Songs About Death, Love, Sex and Death (2003), Exotic Handshakes (2005) and a retrospective of previously unreleased material called Volume One And Two (2016). Their explosive live performances have received acclaim from audiences of all demographics, and attracted the attention of producer Andrew Weiss (Ween, Rollins Band, Butthole Surfers, Yoko Ono, and Grammy winners Café Tacuba). Weiss engineered and produced the album, Exotic Handshakes. The Insidious Rays are: Matt Juknevic (vocals/guitar), Jon Braun (drums/vocals), Michael Davidson (guitar), Seth Juknevic (bass) and Chris McDermott (guitar and keys).


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