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Chicago, Illinois

We have faith that your listeners want to hear a unique sound in a new artist.

About Excorde

We are Excorde, a multi-genre band with founding members Jimena Arroyo, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Jonnie Cook, from Chicago, USA. We met on SoundCloud and have been writing songs together for well over two years now. We strongly feel that our sound and compositional chemistry stands out from the mainstream, honing innovative musical turns in recognizable ways to gratify our listener’s need to discover something new and remember it well.


Musically, Excorde’s songs feature a very broad yet cohesive influence and fusion of 80’s and 90’s rock genres… from adult-oriented, classic, alternative, indie, progressive, alt. country, pop, metal… to the most important element of all… Excorde’s truly original sound.

Lyrically, expect to find thoughtful and deeply moving phrasings about the experiences of love. Their song “More” for example, describes how we never giving up on love even after having been hurt countless times. After all, it’s our resilient and perhaps masochistic human nature to give love one more last try. Do we not always return, allow love to re-manifest, and seek More?

Jimena’s emotional voice combined with Jonnie’s distinctive guitar playing will transport you to another dimension, where catchy choruses, killer guitar riffs, and meaningful lyrics are imbued throughout the listening experience with Excorde. The spectrum from deeply intimate to powerfully epic is thoroughly explored, captured and rendered, sometimes within the same song.

Having utilized a wide variety of rock genres/styles/nuances/ideas, they demonstrate a cohesive and distinctive identity of their very own. They feel that, within their music, you will identify with the best of familiar components of these genres, blended seamlessly with a real plethora of new ideas and originality.

Please browse some of their recent songs here, and feel free to download any of them (MP3) that are of interest to you for broadcast or podcast.

Easily browse and download .mp3 files from Soundcloud at this link…

Alternatively, you may download .mp3 files from this Dropbox link…


For .wav files, download from this Dropbox link…


It’s hoped you find one of Excorde’s tracks appealing to your audience. Regardless of your conclusions, Excorde is always thankful meeting people like you who are interested in taking a moment to hear new music.

Jimena & Jonnie

Excorde are Jimena Arroyo & Jonnie Cook

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•Website: https://excordeofficial.wixsite.com/excorde
•SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jimenaarroyo
• https://soundcloud.com/jonnie-cook
•Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExcordeOfficial
•Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Excorde-1788836204664339/


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