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London, England

if they fancy to dance in indie mood they should!


C-DRAIN – Short bio

C-Drain started as a one-man project, a multi-instrumentalist who records and
mixes all his tracks entirely in his home studio. The man behind it is Christos
Pappas, who has been involved in various projects and bands in the past as front
man, guitarist, songwriter and producer. He has also recently released and
produced two albums with his alternative rock band, Coral Caves, for which he
received a fair amount of exposure and radio airtime as well as great reviews.
Christos formed his new project ‘C-Drain’ on April 2013 in Leeds, UK when he
recorded and produced ‘So What?’, a track very different in vibe and sound from
what he had been creating up until then. He decided to initiate a personal
project in which he would have total creative freedom and independence: he
would play almost all the instruments himself and record/produce the tracks
entirely in his home studio.

Continued with the summer-hit single ‘Oh Miami!’ in June 2014, with its unique
combination of classic surf guitar stylings, laid back reggae rhythms, and modern
production vibe has grown attention also across the pond, got great reviews and
airing after BBC Radio on radio stations in the US, S.Africa, Greece, Turkey and
Canada where also entered the Top 40 radio charts on No#09 in August ’14!
In December 2016 released his new EP ‘Covers Unplugged’ featuring evocative
re-workings of five of his favourite songs, and introducing a new ‘cinematic’
approach to production and performance. Both British and American artists and
bands are represented here, whose songs are given a contemporary reinterpretation
with an atmospheric acoustic sound designed to take the listener
on an engaging musical journey. Covers Unplugged also got great reviews and
entered the TOP 6 (English Albums) in Greece for 2016 and TOP 20 of all 2016
Album releases.

In present time with new band members, and after a long time being locked in
the studio, where he has painstakingly searched for a new production aesthetic
through experimentation with vocal and instrumental timbres, resulting in a
truly ‘Indie’ creation, is about to release his new four-track debut of original
music, ‘* No Plumbing Business’. It takes us on a musical journey of novel
sounds and wide-ranging emotions. As C-DRAIN states: ‘Each song reflects a
different phase and season, which I’ve tried to capture the sound of each track’.
It’s a kind of ‘Four seasons’ EP, but not for Vivaldi’s fans!


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