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Valerie Bachand

Portland, Maine

I poured my heart and soul into this song and would love for it to speak to others as well.

About Valerie Bachand

Hello, my name is Valerie Bachand, and I am a rock and metal singer, songwriter and guitarist. For a very long time, music has been my passion, outlet and escape. It is my way of expressing myself creatively. I love being able to put my thoughts, feelings and emotions into songs. I am a self-taught musician who has been putting covers and originals up on my YouTube channel. I recently taught myself how to start producing my own music, and I find this to be the most amount of work, but also the most rewarding. Recording all instruments and vocals (except for drums, which I program), and then mixing and mastering everything on my own can get quite taxing. But there is nothing better than finally finishing a song and feeling happy with the end result, and most importantly, having others enjoy it as well. That is why I have decided to share with you one of my recent creations, a song I wrote called “Inside.” This is a song that really speaks to me, and I hope it can do the same for others as well.
Thank you,


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