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Angelo Maldonado Jr

allentown, Pennsylvania

If You Vote For Me You Will Win The Powerball!
About Angelo Maldonado Jr

Born and raised in Brooklyn Nyc, I grew up in an area called Boro Park. I lived amongst Hasidic Jews and lived on falafels and sweet noodle kugel lol. As a youngster I realized that I was really good as singing and was also passionate about hip hop. So being the eldest of 4 children, no father around I knew I had to do something to help make things better. I pursued a record deal, I started to record music and even appeared on the Carson Daly show performing alongside Globally recognized Grammy award winning Rapper/producer Wyclef Jean. Days later he offered me a production deal. At the time I was tipping the scales at a staggering 550lbs and in 2005 Wyclef let’s me go and states that I wasn’t marketable.

Months later I attempted suicide after falling into a deep depression. All my eggs were in this basket and soon after I was homeless. I gave up on everything and then one day a friend of mine tells me about MySpace. She tells me I could upload music and to never give up on my dreams. At that point I was done with music and was looking for a companion. So without fully knowing how to use MySpace I fish around for some women I could basically catfish lol and I found a women named Heather.

Trust me I gave her all the fat guilt trips I knew lol but she was different., she didn’t care how heavy I was. Days later we meet, and in 2018 we celebrated 10 years of marriage and have 4 children in total. 2 were from her previous unfortunately absuive marriage and we had 2 girls of our own. We relocated from NY to Macungie and have decidcated our lives to help others who battle depression, suicide, Gangs, drug addictions and so much more.

In April of 2017 my father who battled bi polar disease, ptsd & depression (former marine) Took his life. Weeks after my uncle at age 63 dies of heart disease. Life’s been pretty ruff to say the least but I made a promise to my father that I would carry on his legacy and get into acting. My father was an actor who appeared in a decent amount of movies, commercials and music videos. He wanted to prove to all the haters that his illness wasn’t going to stop him. Unfortunately he also battled with alcoholism and mixed with the medication took its toll.

So in the beginning of 2018 I started my acting journey and it’s changed my life. The passion I have for it has blown me away and I am honored to be involved in any capacity. I’ve been mentored by Kathy Patterson owner of Aftterwords actors studio and just signed up to take acting classes at Playhouse West in philly leaving the Meisner technique. So I’m closing, I would be honored to simply stand and watch the movie take place, would I prefer a role of course but once again I’m humbled to just be in the presence of people who are actually living out the life I’m called to live.


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