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  • The Queue
  • Lori Jean
  • Valerie Bachand
  • Castle Black
  • The Cranberry Merchants
  • Southern Smoke


Vancouver, Washington

We want to spread our message through music. Our goal is to help others move forward in life.

About DND7

DND7 is a Hard Rock/Punk band from the West Coast writing music from the heart and spreading our story and message through our craft. Our goal since day one is to bring together those who feel lost and alone, and use our own stories through music to help them see they are not alone. DND7 has been on many acts with bands such as Stitched Up Heart, Hell or Highwater, From Ashes to New, Vendetta Red, and 10 Years. Our goal is to expand over the next couple of years through radio time and tours across the country.


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