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Sterlin Mickey

Edgewood, Maryland

Very passionate about what I can do, confident and can follow directions very well.
Sterlin Mickey
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About Sterlin Mickey

My name is Sterlin Mickey, I love the camera….always have, I fell like u can be myself in front of the camera. Very goofy and sarcastic. I dont care what people say or think about me cause I am very comfortable in my own skin. I get compared alot to Will Smith and Marlen Wayne’s because of my personality. I can sit and talk to someone that u just met for hours cause I am like an open book. I get judge alot based on my tattoos. But I am the nicest person you would ever meet. I like to put others first before me. Cause I due time…you’ll be rewarded later. And it makes your souls good to help others in need! I have a 3 year old daughter that is my best friend, single dad just trying to make a way for my daughter and myself and to let her know, she can accomplish anything she puts her mind too!