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Enoshja Ruffin

Utica, New York

People should vote for me because I’m smart, beautiful, courageous, fierce and I don’t give up!
About Enoshja Ruffin

My name is Enoshja Ruffin, I’m twenty four years old, I have five children and I’m currently a student at Mohawk Community College to earn my Criminal Justice Associates Degree. I also model from time to time. I’ve always been passionate about acting, modeling and inspiring others. I’ve put all of my wildest dreams behind me the last few years to focus on raising my children and in the mist of it, I lost myself. I’ve since, realized that I can still chase my dreams while providing for my children. My children are my motivation. I’ve always dreamed of being on a billboard one day and I’m thankful for this opportunity to be able to fulfill one of my dreams. So I truly thank you WTYT960. I pray this is a dream come true!


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