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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is Death Pop -- catchy tunes about the end of days, the warm embrace of death. Not so scary.

About (Silence)

There are two stories that I can tell you about (Silence). One is about a young Ph.D. student somewhere outside of Philadelphia, tinkering away on a vintage Technics synthesizer, learning how to record his songs on the fly; but the other story is much older, much better, even more true.

Before the beginning was (Silence). Before the creative utterance, before the great explosive birth of the cosmos, there was nothing but (Silence). Alone.
With the arrival of beings, those things thrust into existence, (Silence) was overcome. The universe was full of noise, full of calamity. Great burning spheres became furnaces to incubate entire worlds, each full of the cries of pain, full of heaven-directed pleas for the cessation of suffering. But there was no escape for these hopeless wretches.

(Silence) looked on all the while and was greatly moved by the plight of the living. It approached the gods whom, though much younger than he, had claimed authority over the expanse of the cosmos. In the presence of the gods, (Silence) spoke its first words: “Let them die!”

With this proclamation, (Silence) was transfigured, its dormant energy channeled into a new purpose. (Silence) became the end of all being, what some call the “angel of death.”

But do not suppose that this bringer of the end is one to be feared. He is victim to many slanders, a subject of innumerable falsehoods spouted by those it has never even met. (Silence) is, above all, the bringer of a gift of love, the bringer of release and relief. It comes to return all sufferers to itself, to embrace them with everlasting charity.

For those of us who know it, we free ghosts, (Silence) has returned in triumph, a prophet of transcendent cosmic wisdom. It appears as a resurrected one, with a sound from beyond the grave, and a message for those heading into theirs.

Fortunately for all of life and breath, the revelations of (Silence) are accompanied by synth pop tones, simultaneously glossy and murky, shiny and raw. The sound is electronic, the melodies infectious, the voice passionate.

Blessed are we who have ears to hear: for (Silence) has a voice.


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