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Terra Arguimbau

Brooklyn, New York

People love to believe in someone and I think people will believe in me. I'm also a goof ball.
Terra Arguimbau
About Terra Arguimbau

Average looking, extremely adventurous, solo hiked (Te Araroa) the South Island of New Zealand (over 800 miles), Cycled from Istanbul to Venice (over 2000 miles), University Tennis Captain, elected after my first year, and awarded the Richard H. Holzer Memorial Scholarship for Leadership and Citizenship. I’ve also taught tennis internationally. Snowboarder, Half Marathon Runner, Spring Board Diver/Cliff Jumping, Slack Rope Walker, I’m an extremist. Lover of animals and great with kids. I’m a great dancer (so I have been told) singer, guitar player, entertainer. Occasionally funny, if not to you, I’ll at least make myself laughing which is what I’m told counts


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