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Eric & The Soo

Toronto, Ohio

I deliver rock n' roll from my heart & soul

About Eric & The Soo

Hi Guys,

I hope you guys are doing well! I’m a songwriter from Toronto, Canada and I’ve got a band called “Eric & The Soo” … You guys were very supportive upon the release of my first album, and I hope you dig my brand new album as well (officially launches Nov 20th). I’d describe it as “psychedelic roots-rock” … It’s a concept album called “Modern Dystopia” … I’ve attached a bio and the artwork below. I hope you dig this new album (I’m very proud of it) and I hope to hear some of the songs on one of your shows.

I’m including a dropBox link so you can give the album listen … if you like what you hear, you are welcome to start playing the songs on your station immediately. (All songs are in mp3 format and tagged as per your requirements).


I really like what you guys are doing, I hope you dig what I’m doing too!

If you do play my music, please feel free to tag me on FB and Twitter … I’ll gladly help promote your station in return.

Twitter: @ericthesoo
Facebook /EricTheSoo
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJv0Ty9_7dm8-xDnB01j5YA

All the best,
Eric Brombacher

While Eric & The Soo’s debut album “Small Town Dreamer” saw Toronto-based songwriter Eric Brombacher looking inwards and backwards to his past and his childhood in his hometown of Sault Ste. Marie, his follow-up sees him looking more outwards and forwards, at society as a whole and at our future on this beautiful planet we call Earth.

Produced by acclaimed Canadian songwriter Jerry Leger, “Modern Dystopia” is a concept album that explores the current social climate and the challenges we face as humankind. The songs touch on themes both personal and societal including isolation, depression, homelessness, conformity and social obedience while still offering some hope for change, as it explores an imagined pre-apocalyptic future. Are we really free? Or are we just slaves to the machine? Is it too late, or is there still hope for our beautiful world?

Launching November 20th, 2018: Modern Dystopia by Eric & The Soo
Produced by Jerry Leger
Engineered and Mixed By Tim Bovaconti
Mastered by Jeff “Fedge” Elliott
All Songs by Eric Brombacher *Except “Time Travelers” by Eric Brombacher & Jerry Leger

Social Media
Twitter @ericthesoo
Facebook /EricTheSoo


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