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Eric & The Soo

Toronto, Ohio

I'm a nice guy and I sing from the heart!

About Eric & The Soo

A song for summer; new single Goulais Bay features the talents of Sault Ste. Marie natives Eric Brombacher (on vocals and acoustic guitar) Ted Pruce (on lead guitar and harmonies) and Dino Naccarato on drums, along with the ever talented Ken Yoshioka (on harmonica and rhythm guitar), Tim Bradford (on bass and harmonies) and Julian Fauth on organ. It’s an all Canadian alt-country ballad that sits very close to the heart, we hope you like it! Debut album Small Town Dreamer sees Toronto-based songwriter Eric Brombacher looking backwards to his past and his childhood in his hometown of Sault Ste. Marie. Follow-up Modern Dystopia is a concept album that takes a broader outlook, exploring the current social climate and the challenges we face as humankind. The songs touch on themes both personal and societal including isolation, depression, homelessness, conformity and social obedience; while still offering some hope for change, in this imagined pre-apocalyptic future. Are we really free? Or are we just slaves to the machine? Is it too late, or is there still hope for our beautiful world? Eric & The Soo have enjoyed moderate airplay on college radio stations across Canada and around the world, with Modern Dystopia spending 6 weeks on the Top 30 (peaking at #4) on CFMU Radio in Hamilton!


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