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  • Boyce
  • Midnight Crisis (NYC)
  • A.J. and Tara
  • Dr. Beardface & the Spaceman
  • Littermouth
  • Eric & The Soo
  • Zed D'Lance


Easton, Pennsylvania

Every song we release, just like eating at a buffet, is going to have a different flavor so-to-speak


Roseville, California

cause that would be nice

Midnight Crisis (NYC)

New York, New York

We are pissed off, but hot to trot, bad-ass but all about a good time, & a little rough around the e

A.J. and Tara

Los Angeles, California

Music moves people and our #1 goal is to motivate people to have a good time and enjoy themselves!

Dr. Beardface & the Spaceman

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I wasn't aware we were competing for anything. I mean, um... are we?


England, New York

We're kickass

Eric & The Soo

Toronto, Alabama

My music is honest, real, and 'live off the floor'

Zed D'Lance

Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

We're a local Lehigh Valley original band whose songs are mainstream, radio-friendly alt rock.

Roi and the Secret People

easton, Pennsylvania

we will never stop writing and recording original music-we support ALL original artists.

Next To None

Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Hey please vote for us because we are seriously dedicated to music! MUSIC IS OUR LIFE!


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