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  • Nate Myers
  • Eric & The Soo
  • Mojo Bozo's Electric Circus
  • Ascension Drive
  • Kayla Avitabile
  • Willess
  • Shellshock Lullaby
  • brian p matheny

Nate Myers

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

We write music because we hope it will reach you.

Eric & The Soo

Toronto, Ohio

I deliver rock n' roll from my heart & soul

Mojo Bozo's Electric Circus

Annapolis, Maryland

Ascension Drive

Newark, Delaware

Voters should vote for us because we love creating and playing music for everyone!

Kayla Avitabile

Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Clever lyrics reflecting the angst of our time in smart indie/alternative style.


Augusta, Georgia

because alt rock isn't dead!

Shellshock Lullaby

Butte, Montana

We are kicking out our own brand of unique alternative rock out of Montana.

brian p matheny

brian p matheny

Cleveland, Ohio


Isabella Wainright

Isabella Wainright

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Because we rock

Church of Trees

Ottawa, New York

Because we create great synthpop


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