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  • Southern Smoke

The Insidious Rays

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Respect The Rock!

No Song Submitted For Voting


ny/nj, New York

We're not chasing a brand or a trend. Letting things come as they do & having a good time doing it!


Ottawa, Canada

Dewey Roberts

Solvang, California

My #1 goal is to relate with people using my music, no matter kind of or style of music they enjoy!

Electric Religious

Edmonton, Canada

Up-and-coming Canadian rock band! We are making waves and looking to reach out into the States!


St. Gallen/Winterthur, Switzerland

because we rock!

The Helmsmen

Jupiter, Florida

we didnt use autotune

Lori Jean

Portland, Oregon

I have wit and punch in this song!

The Silhouet

Chicago, Illinois

Unique sounds with a mix of various genres

The Boardwalk Kings

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Boardwalk Kings are a high-energy rock ‘n roll band from the City of Brotherly Love!


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