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Sur Rod

Nashville, Tennessee

Melodious, well-crafted pop/rock music with a wicked attitude.

Wes Yee

Boston, Massachusetts

Users should vote for me only if they like my song. I hope some of you do!



Detroit, Michigan

I'm original inspired and I speak for the creative of the world. I want them to be free of fear

Ed Spahr (sparr)

Columbus, Ohio

Im awesome =p

Eminent Kaos

Atlanta, Georgia

Great music for the soul

Bob Sparks

Sandusky, Ohio

I will provide for the users quality music that they will enjoy listening to.

Adventure Lost

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

High-energy, progressive-pop music that invigorates and inspires the soul and the mind.

Climb the Attic

London, England

Because we rock too hard

7th Order

Honolulu, Hawaii

7th Order is Hawaiis premier rock and roll band!

Them Damn Kings

New York, New York

because your voice is what keeps music alive