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The Queue

Joliet, Illinois

Bringing back 90's britpop with modern pop elements...and we're not even British.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Why wouldn't you?

Lori Jean

Portland, OR, Oregon

This song is inspired by soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo for kids to get involved.

Valerie Bachand

Old Orchard, Maine

I put a lot of heart and soul into my music, and really hope you like my new song, "The Wind."

Castle Black

Brooklyn, New York

Because our music is real, and we bring that into what we do - we deliver raw emotion


Daytona Beach, Florida

I am the messenger, my sound is the next wave

The Cranberry Merchants

Atlanta, Georgia

In a world of auto-tune, we're the anit-auto-tune!

Southern Smoke

Toronto, New York

Because who doesn't love music about drinking and having a good time?!


nashua, New Hampshire

cuz were cute :)

No Song Submitted For Voting

Citizen Gold

Atlanta, Georgia

If you love, good for your soul funky electric music. Then you should vote for us.


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