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  • Human Anyway
  • Erin Cookman
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  • Birthday Boy
  • Hatch
  • Linnea Krepper
  • Katie Jo Knaub

Claiming Neptune

Austin, Texas

We may not be from this planet, but our lyrics can relate to it

Lori Jean

Eugene , Oregon

I have unique style.

Soft Ledges

Chicago, Illinois

If elected class president, we'll ban homework and bake you cookies.

3D In Your Face

Omaha, Nebraska

We play from the heart and soul dirty rock n roll.


Groveland, Massachusetts

We write and play great rock songs

Airport Impressions

Marsaskala, Malta

Band ready to take music by storm!

Eric & The Soo

Toronto, Canada

My music is honest, real, and 'live off the floor'

Somatic Moon

New York, New York

Somatic Moon is Band out of New York City with a great authentic sound. Their new single titled "Dre

Lyrica Ling

Sarnia, Ohio

Darwin Candidate

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Vote for us because you feel the song, not because everyone says we're charismatic and cool.