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  • Zymotic Flow
  • The Revere
  • Saint Wilde
  • The CheeseBergens
  • Veronica Underluxe
  • TolbertToz
  • The Off Days
  • Auriemma

Arvins Garden

Tempe, Arizona

We have our own sound & lots of live energy

The Fabrockators

Huntingtown, Maryland

To keep rock alive

The Prefab Messiahs

Boston, Massachusetts

We're classic yet fresh, mixing Garage, Pop, and Psychedelia

Dwayne Alistair Thomas

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

got nothing for this one...i just hope they like the song

The Saw

Bournemouth, Alabama

Because we are what rock is all about

Jamie Alimorad

Harrison, New York

This is the type of music you want to be listening to while being stuck on a billboard.

Roi and the Secret People

easton, Pennsylvania

we drink our milk from dirty glasses


Los Angeles, California

We are a new rock band bringing sounds of the new and the old in a modern form

Inside Riot

Redlands, California

Vote for us. Or don't.

Trust Divided

Louisville, Kentucky

We can't tell you what to do. Either you like it or you don't. Enjoy!