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Hey Judy

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Because we are getting old and we want to get famous before we end up in a nursing home!


Mount Vernon, Illinois

We are a hard working band from Southern Illinois and would like to have our music heard

Perfect Fate

Manchester, Connecticut

Music is my passion and creative outlet. Since an early age i been inspired to write and play music.


Dallas, Texas

Because we know where you live!


San Francisco, California

Because we are fun and super sexual.

Figure 3-2

New Berlin, Wisconsin

Voters should only vote for us if they like our music.

Jericko Rose

Old Orchard Beach, Maine

I don't know...why not?

Surly Gates

Austin, Texas

Because they CRAVE psychedelic organ guitar rock

Daniel Correa

Miami , Florida

Music is art. I strive to make great art. Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it


Manchester, New Hampshire

I think we should let the music speak for itself. ;)


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