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Cincinnati, Ohio

LiViD are a rhythmically driven, melodically obsessive juggernaut of modern heavy rock

No Convention

Los Angeles, California

Our music is killer and we're passionate about making it!

Drew Keenan

Morgantown, West Virginia

I've composed, recorded, and produced all of my songs individually.

Permanent Ability

Los Angeles, California

We keep the funk alive.

Annie & Kate

Round Rock, Texas

This indie duo rocks strong vocals and harmonies. Check out Annie & Kate!

Karbon Fuze

Camden, Ohio

We are what we say we are. We don't write anything that doesn't come from our hearts.

Overdrive Orchestra

Detroit, Michigan

We have a truly unique sound and approach to songwriting. We rely heavilly on both rhythm and melody

Tim Branom

Los Angeles, California

It's rare to find guitar-based Rock these days :)

Kiwi Time
youtube social icon for WTYT960 contestant and rock alternative band Kiwi Time

Kiwi Time

Los Angeles, California

Why not, we are fun, cool and have great music for you

Chip Souza

Phoenix, Arizona

Like my tune?


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