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  • 7th Order
  • Them Damn Kings
  • XV KD
  • Bloodgod
  • Chad Jenkins Band
  • I Am Fire
  • RLSpencer
  • TolbertToz

Some City, Alabama

Missing Link

Telford, Pennsylvania

we rock


Salt Lake City, Utah

Because we may not be the best band around, but we sure are the loudest.

Corey Booth Project

Corey Booth Project

Clinton, Iowa

If you feel the vibez we do, please vote for us :)

Love Darling

Los Angeles, California

If you like the music we create, VOTE, so we can continue to create more songs for you!


Mckeesport, Pennsylvania

Because our origanals kick ass

I Claim As Mine

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hard Rock from the blast furnaces of The Steel City!!

Satellites Fall

Satellites Fall

Providenec, Rhode Island

we are always striving to make the music scene a better place for local musicians

Six Till Dusk

Six Till Dusk

Purlear, North Carolina

We represent the raw yet powerful and emotional element of what rock should be.

The Defiant

Los Angeles, California

original sound with a throwback twist.