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The American Vogue

Nashville, Tennessee

We offer a unique indie-pop vibe!

Austin McBride

Nashville, Tennessee

My music provides empathy and hope for individuals.


Scarbro, West Virginia

Because it would be really nice and we won't have to hunt you down and kill you.

The Clincher

Omaha, Nebraska

Uniquely blending genres with metal at the core. Clincher's sound inspires the unexpected

Nemesis Divine

Nashville, Tennessee

Because We Are Divine Metal!

Never Let Go

Nashville, Tennessee

We are a young energetic unique band with big plans and solid tunes. So hold on & Never Let Go


Cincinnati, Ohio

LiViD are a rhythmically driven, melodically obsessive juggernaut of modern heavy rock

No Convention

Los Angeles, California

Our music is killer and we're passionate about making it!

Drew Keenan

Morgantown, West Virginia

I've composed, recorded, and produced all of my songs individually.

Permanent Ability

Los Angeles, California

We keep the funk alive.


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