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  • The Cranberry Merchants
  • Southern Smoke

Vermillion Road

Denver, Colorado

We are committed to bringing the very best to the most important part of the band - our fans.

7 Seasons Deep

Madison, Wisconsin

Becouse we ROCK! And we've all been doing this for over 30 years!

Shellshock Lullaby

Butte, Montana

"With the release of A Lighter Shade EP, Shellshock Lullaby bring a new feel to a classic genre."

Fifth Freedom

Portland, Maine

American Rock n' Roll will never die.

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Los Angeles, California

We will rock your socks off. You'll need to buy more socks. Lots more socks.

Under Influenced

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Under Influenced is in this business because of the music and the message we spread, not the money.


Tempe, Arizona

The very most original sound the desert has to offer. A well blended mix of blues/rock/alternative.

Jedoa & TheRipTunes

Jedoa & TheRipTunes

Kingman, Arizona

Because alternative music will never die!!!


Akron, Ohio

If you like your music raw, melodic and rock hard, then we might be the band for you!

Cherry Mellow

Allston, Massachusetts

Cherry Mellow is primal instinct vs. human nature. Stay true to the feeling music gives you.


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