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  • The Blast Addicts
  • Sparks & Trippe
  • Blind Revision
  • Pure Dead Brilliant
  • Timothy Beckett
  • Kanchi
  • Velvet Razor

A.J. and Tara

Los Angeles, California

Music moves people and our #1 goal is to motivate people to have a good time and enjoy themselves!

Dr. Beardface & the Spaceman

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I wasn't aware we were competing for anything. I mean, um... are we?


Southwest, England

We're kickass

Eric & The Soo

Toronto, Canada

My music is honest, real, and 'live off the floor'

Zed D'Lance

Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

We're a local Lehigh Valley original band whose songs are mainstream, radio-friendly alt rock.

Roi and the Secret People

easton, Pennsylvania

we will never stop writing and recording original music-we support ALL original artists.

Next To None

Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Hey please vote for us because we are seriously dedicated to music! MUSIC IS OUR LIFE!


Atlanta, Georgia

It's midnight in the wilderness. From the lost highways and fever swamps of the sinister South emerg

Kill For Eden

London, England

Great songs, great vocals, great band!

Poppsy Cole

Orlando, Florida

why not?