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Isabella Wainright

Isabella Wainright

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Because we rock

Church of Trees

Ottawa, New York

Because we create great synthpop


Amsterdam, Holland

Good Music. :)


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is Death Pop -- catchy tunes about the end of days, the warm embrace of death. Not so scary.

Unknown Nobodies

Baltimore, Maryland

We're ridiculous.

The Hook

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

We're an authentic, homegrown original sound without the fuss, loads of talent and drive.

Needle Points

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We have really good vibes and we smell like yin yangs.

Radio Drive

St Paul, Minnesota

The song I'm uploading "A New Start" has won an Akademia Music Award and landed on indie charts.

Luke Mitrani`

fallbrook, California

We live in a crazy world! My underlying message in my music is to spread peace.


Vancouver, Washington

We want to spread our message through music. Our goal is to help others move forward in life.


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