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Portland, Oregon

Photona wants to paint your ears and grab a hold of your brain. In a pleasant way, of course.

Second Player Score

Vancouver, Washington

Because we deliver!!

Falling into Red

Pittsbutgh, Pennsylvania

Big guitars, bold melodies and plenty of ear candy thrown in between.

Wayside Story

Chicago, Illinois

Fun pop-punk band that takes its music seriously, but doesn't take themselves nearly as much!

After Alice

Jackson, South Carolina

New Single 99Gold Featured on Podcasts, and global radio stations

Jet Black 3

Exeter, Massachusetts

Different, delightful, damn abitious

When We Met

Portland, Oregon

Because you like fun music that rocks!

Next To None

coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Vote for us because we are very dedicated to music. It's our entire life! We love playing for people

Enemy Remains

Newington, Connecticut

The music will stay with you and many have said its healed them in these bad moments

Light the Fire

Dallas, Texas

Because we are authentic in what we do. All our lyrics reflect real life.