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  • Isabella Wainright
  • Church of Trees
  • Ugochill
  • (Silence)
  • Unknown Nobodies
  • The Hook
  • Needle Points
  • Radio Drive

Redneck Remedy

Kankakee, Illinois

It's all about the southern metal!

Julean and the Rai

San Diego, California

Because life just happens, and you say "yes"...

Nightfall Phenomenon

montgomery, New York

Because ready or not.... HERE WE COME!!!

the outlet divide

Washington, District of Columbia


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Avedis is an unyielding ROCK band that connects with fans and writes about real life emotions

Sound the Sky

Camarillo, California

Because the sound is unique and refreshing :)

Silhouette Lies

Scranton, Pennsylvania

Help a group of small town boys live a huge dream!

Detroit Mutant Radio

Atlanta, Georgia

'DMR' is RoCK FUSION @ its FINEST!!!

Peace Mercutio

Seattle, Washington

AltRock w/ dual vocalists featuring catchy hooks and infrectious harmonies with high energy shows!


Austin, Texas

We are changing the face of the Texas post-hardcore scene.


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