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Eyes Of 99

Nashville(s), Michigan

We make music that takes you somewhere special. Indie Alternative Folk Rock

Fall Walk Run

Wolverhampton, Texas

We're fresh and interesting to listen to.

The Hazmats

The Hazmats

Long Beach, California

good music only comes around every now and then and its about time they got some

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Johnny Beane

San Francisco, California

Because my mom says im cool.

Anderson East

Nashville, Tennessee

Hopefully the listeners will find themselves learking inside the music and feel apart of it as well.

Tim Yunker and The Sound Junkies

Denver, Colorado

Because we got what it takes to rock the mic right

Treading Lemmings

Rockville, Maryland

Not the same ole same ole

Black Books

Austin, Texas

Because that would be nice

Kurt Scobie

Atlanta, Georgia

My sound is refreshing, my songs are catchy, and I'm pretty good looking too!

Seven Year Riot

Windsor, Michigan

You want good music....we play good music....enough said