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Faces East

Parsippany, New Jersey

"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone else when we're uncool"


Virginia Beach, Virginia

Because we rock!

The Gentlemen Powerhouse

River Edge, New Jersey

We are determined to bring back good old fashioned rock and roll along with some funk and blues

The Fortitude

Derby, Kansas

Unique yet familiar music by small town underdogs that won't give-up.

1000 Reasons

Cleveland, Ohio

We make music for the music, ourselves, and for our fans. Give us a shot at what you think!

Bent Self

Phoenix, Arizona

Because its a unique Alternative/Trip Hop mix of emotions !


millburn, New Jersey

cause ian scotty kurzer is the greatest musician of all time

No Song Submitted For Voting


Escondido, California

We are just 4 high school punks living the dream.


Aliso Vijeo, California

Unique, progressive, soulful, bluesy, utterly original.


St Clair Shores, Michigan

We will be beaten by sumo wrestlers if we don't get any votes.