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  • The Queue
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  • Castle Black
  • The Cranberry Merchants
  • Southern Smoke


New York City, New York

cause if they don't, IKILLYA!

Sonic Titan

Boston, Massachusetts

Because we're a rock trio that's influenced by Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

Ethan Cramer

Lehighton, Pennsylvania


Watseka, Illinois

Our songwritting is about real life situation's or everyday incounters that people may have.


cadiz, Alabama

we are the best alt grunge band in madrid !!

Phoenix Bridge

Lehighton, Pennsylvania

Because in the end, win or lose, it's all about the music.


Catasauqua, Pennsylvania

With musical influences as diverse as their members, this seven-piece outfit explores both the heigh

Death to the McKenzie's

Los Angeles, California

The Shouldn't, we don't want prizes or fame. We just want to heard by those who love good rock!

Lena Lou

Seattle, Washington

Only reason we play music is to help people through the times like so many artists have done for us

The Meyer Straights

Pottsville, Pennsylvania

The Meyer Straights deliver beutiful melodies through a multitude of instruments to your ears!


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