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Become a WTYT 960 Billboard Sitting Contestant!

Well…. really be in Zeke Zelker’s latest movie Billboard. We’re looking for people like you to become a part of the story. All you have to do is create a profile below and upload a video telling us why you would be a great billboard sitting contestant. 

Starting on August 15, 2018, get your friends, fans and followers to vote for you. The four people with the most votes by August 25, 2018 will be cut into the movie, get an IMBD credit, credit in the film and a billboard survival kit. What makes this project so unique is Zeke's approach to telling the story and getting people involved in fun and innovative ways.

The movie is about Casey Lindeweiler who inherits a struggling radio station, WTYT 960. To bring the station out of the ratings basement, he devises a plan to host a billboard-sitting contest, where four lucky people will live on a catwalk, eight feet wide by thirty feet long, in front of a billboard to win a mobile home and "nine-sixty" thousand dollars.

Make your video entertaining and believable. Please keep your video under 90 seconds. Please don't make mention if you’re an actor or your resume. This is supposed to be fun, blurring the lines between fact and fiction. 

Please do not use anything already produced by anyone else that will infringe upon someone's copyright whether it be music, video, pictures, etc. This will result in the deletion of your video.

To Enter:

Create a video stating why you’d be a great contestant for “The Great WTYT 960 Billboard Sitting Contest”

  • Make sure your video is UNDER 90 SECONDS in length
  • Please do not mention this is film, role, character, movie, audition, etc. (this is going to be in the movie and wouldn’t be right story-wise)
  • Register & create a profile to upload your video to be added to the community of other potential contestants

    Share your profile link & video with friends, family and followers & encourage them to vote for you between August 15th-25th!

    4 Winners Receive: Credit on IMDB & in Film and a billboard survival kit.

    When you're ready to submit your video, log in and come back to this page. Once logged in, you'll find a form where we ask a few questions about who you are. After you submit your information, your account will be ready for video submission.

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