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Angelo Maldonado Jr

allentown, Pennsylvania

If You Vote For Me You Will Win The Powerball!

Jordie Werner

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

because I believe in independent art !

Clark Thompson

Morristown, New Jersey

I'm awesome

Ben Harter-Murphy

Philadelphia , Pennsylvania

My dimples really. They've been known to cause riots, particularly in crowds and feminist rallies.

Cortney Wiggins

Dayton, Ohio

The voice and my ability and need to help others
Cortney Wiggins

Agnes Vera

Minneapolis, Minnesota

I will entertain you during rush hour.
Agnes Vera

Lance Arthur Penn

Chicago, Illinois

I am a minor celebrity - people like that.

robert leland

austin, Texas

because, god, gave me one gift, he shaped my ass, to fit billboard sitting, call it a gift, or curse

Janice Picconi

New York, New York

I'm Too Pretty For That: Billboard Sitting Contest

Jeannine Frumess

New York, New York

My video is 1 second too long and I don't care! I'm lying I'm so sorry please vote for me.