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Olivia Gallie

New York, New York

I am determined to do nothing. And win by doing nothing.
Olivia Gallie

Ben Harter-Murphy

Philadelphia , Pennsylvania

My dimples really. They've been known to cause riots, particularly in crowds and feminist rallies.

Cortney Wiggins

Dayton, Ohio

The voice and my ability and need to help others
Cortney Wiggins

Agnes Vera

Minneapolis, Minnesota

I will entertain you during rush hour.
Agnes Vera

Chuck Deeter

Bemidji, Minnesota

I'm a lean, wry older guy who can speak words of wisdom and make younger contestants laugh

Courtney Dlugos

Podunk Town, West Virginia

It's about time my sweet tea-given cushiony behind be put to good money-makin use.
Courtney Dlugos

Samantha Armistead

Havelock, North Carolina

I am a crazy, confident, energetic, young USMC wife that can sing, dance and play guitar! Why not?

Corey Brenner

Minneapolis, Minnesota

I'm great at sitting, can climb to any billboard, and the other contestants would wanna chill w/ me

Scott Murphy

Valley Village, California

I am full of energy and a wit that won't quit. I rhyme sometimes. Vote for me its free...

Michelle Nagell

Minneapolis, Minnesota

I let it rip like a potato chip
Michelle Nagell
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