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Katelyn Laird

Boulder Creek, California

I'm a talented, fun and smart actress and love billboards! I have them for breakfast every morning.

Rob Louis

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Quite simply, I'm a dreamer who actually DOES things. I'm a dreamer who actually deserves things.

Kara Shoemaker

Nazareth, Pennsylvania

Kara Shoemaker
Kara Shoemaker

Ashley Coughlin

Athens, Alabama

Love acting, competing, being me - weird and all - plus have had training!

Kathleen Wolak

Hamden, Connecticut

Because why the hell not?
Kathleen Wolak

Joey Rullo

Beachwood, New Jersey

My dynamic & addictive personality, w/ inexhaustive, extroverted, non stop energy, ROCKS DUDE!

Devon Franklin

Leesburg, Virginia

Im an actress and a singer! Hilarious, charming, fun and I'd look great sitting on a billboard.

Nicole Odell

Montebello, California

I'm hilarious, quirky, down-to-earth, and relatable, since I haven't cut my hair in a year! Win!

Leslie Augustine

Allentown, Pennsylvania

tough, but kind, determined, kind of quirky, a dancer with lots of entertaining skills

Tierney Gallagan

Millington, New Jersey

I want this and need this as much as everyone else entering. I don't give up easily.