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Janice Picconi

New York, New York

I'm Too Pretty For That: Billboard Sitting Contest

Jeannine Frumess

New York, New York

My video is 1 second too long and I don't care! I'm lying I'm so sorry please vote for me.

Ariel Simon

Richmond , Texas

B/c I'm pretty, smart, sweet, nice, competitive, and outgoing.

Kelsey Lane

Cumming, Georgia

Kelsey Lane

Damien Check

Penndel, Pennsylvania

People should vote for me because with a face like this, I belong ON a billboard!

Steven Gross

Stafford, Virginia

I am never truly bored thanks to Percival, he alaways keeps me entertained and WILL NOT LET ME LOSE!

Megan Forte

New York, New York

I'm good at tricking people into losing.

Arnoll Tamayo

Red Springs, North Carolina

I am very talented and everything i do i do it right i always strive to be better and greater
Arnoll Tamayo

Eric Durish

chicago, Illinois

Im honless, jobless and i have a dont give a fuck attitude towards others

Alex Alessi

Millstone, New Jersey

I will make this billboard my bitch while stealing hearts and blowing minds!

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