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Joshua Lee Young

Granada Hills, California

I am simply awesome at sitting. I'm good-looking and not afraid to look stupid. Attractive Comedy yo

John Berchtold

Mays Landing, New Jersey

I believe someone should vote for me because of my extreme determination and lively personality!

Hector Gonzalez

Orlando, Florida

I will be the first black guy to make it to the end. LL Cool J in Deep Blue Sea doesn't count.

Ivan Vila

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I came to America with one dream only to become a great actor and I will do my best to do so

Evan Hayes

Portland, Oregon

Just speculating, but some people must consider me the funniest guy they know, so there's that.

Madalyn Czerniak

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As a super dynamic individual and compulsive liar I would keep things interesting
Madalyn Czerniak

Molly Regan

Baltimore, Maryland

I understand the zen quality of confined spaces and public urination
Molly Regan

Hilary Smoot

Merchantville, New Jersey

Im amusingly crazy
Hilary Smoot

Mercedes Diaz

Bristol, Pennsylvania

I'm a dominatrix. I dominate the competition. I'm unforgettable...and modest. 'Nuff said.
Mercedes Diaz

Bryan Roberts

Brooklyn, New York

I'm unpredictable, unfiltered and your not going to want to look away.

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