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Davante Watson

Sacramento, California

someone would vote for me to become a contestant because I have an Afro people like Afros, I think

Joe Matthews

Oxford, Pennsylvania

I crave fame, but don't really want to work that hard. THis would be perfect.
Joe Matthews

Michael Bee

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Total groupie, mate!
Michael Bee

Brittney Santoro

Astoria, New York

Although I may not appear it, I'm definitely an underdog.

Allison Ball

Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania

Vote for me because I'm just crazy enough to win a contest of living life and sitting endurance!
Allison Ball

Kristin teporelli

Clifton heights, Pennsylvania

Pick me!!
Kristin teporelli

Dan Rambo

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Because I'm pretty !!!
Dan Rambo

Michael Kelberg

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

I'm a solid family man, who's competitive, fair, fun and honest.
Michael Kelberg

Lani Harms

New York, New York

I'm just a good-ole corn-fed gal from the Midwest ready to show the world what I'm made of!

Claire Bryan

New York City, New York

I'm a sassy little blonde girl born and raised in West TX but have serious OCD so it'd be hilarious.

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