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When it comes to the extremes of alternative rock, Rancid Ronny has you covered. A fan of alternative music stemming from the classic punk days of the 80’s when you would catch Ronny thrashing about town on his board, he has an affinity for collecting vinyl records and is proud of his diverse collection. Butthole Surfers, Roy Orbison, the Circle Jerks, The Dead Kennedy, Money Penny, Dead Poet Society, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin. Ronny is also very much into the independent music scene and loves finding bands that have their own distinct sound of rock.

Originally from Galway, NY, Ronny made the move to Austin, TX in order to be immersed in the “live music capital of the world.” With nearly 200 live music venues in Austin, Ronny managed to keep himself busy and out of trouble. We’re happy to have Ronny on our team here in Allentown. His music knowledge is that of legends.

What do Michael Franti & Spearhead, Matisyahu, Rasun and Carlton Livingston all have in common? The answer can be found in Zoe’s iTunes, as all of the musicians have made it onto her most played list. An avid fan of Reggae, Zoe loves hearing from artists as passionate about the genre as she is.

Originally an Early Childhood Education major, Zoe traded in the lesson plans and chalk for music and a microphone as a Communication major with a concentration in Radio Broadcast. After graduation she hoped to turn her experience DJ’ing with her college radio station into a career and came across WTYT after a chance meeting with Jezebel Henry at a concert.

Kicking it from Boston, MA Zoe stays true to her hometown and its sports teams, even naming her dog “Jacoby” after Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury. When she’s not busy cheering on/being disappointed by the Red Sox, you can find her watching Colbert Report or fine tuning her guitar skills…on Guitar Hero. After all, she did get her nickname “Electric Zoe” by winning a Guitar Hero competition in college.

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J.C. is the new kid on the block. His quiet demeanor breaks away as soon as the “on air” button is pushed. J.C. likes it fast and hard. When J.C. isn’t checking out the music of the Lehigh Valley, he reads a lot of Chuck Klosterman and Allen Ginsberg and indulges in what he refers to as “excessive amounts” of reality TV. His favorites include The Amazing Race, Deadliest Catch, and Top Chef, all of which are paired with some mint chocolate chip ice cream, but “only the green kind, not the white kind…yes there is a difference!” Do not ask him what J.C. is short for, he’s embarrassed by it.

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If it’s bluesy and electric, Garrett’s playing it…with his foot tapping and air drumming to accompany it of course. WTYT 960’s multi-tasker—DJ, promoter, and driver—serves up the soulful blues and psychedelic rock like nobody else. You can catch Garrett blasting his favorite bands The Black Keys, The Raconteurs, Radio Moscow, Band of Skulls, Arctic Monkeys, At The Drive In, Cold War Kids, and Portugal. The Man, just to name a few.

One fourth of the WTYT team since March 2011, Garrett’s background in Public Relations and Electronic Media help him continue his passion for connecting with musicians and helping them promote their work through an innovative media outlet. “My favorite part of working with WYTY 960 are the irreplaceable opportunities I’ve been fortunate enough to have, communicating with a variety of artists and helping them get their music heard on a daily basis is the best part of this job” said Garrett.

Originally from Los Angeles, CA Garrett traded coasts and now resides in Pennsylvania, which suits him well considering he’s a fan of winter sports. If he’s not shredding down the side of a snowy slope, Garrett can be caught on the couch watching movies—silent, foreign, thrillers, comedy—he loves it all. His top two all time favorites are Michel Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Christopher Nolan’s Memento.

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Jezebel has taken the area by storm…

Jez plays the whole spectrum of all things rock to dance, uplifting trance and hard-core to techno through rap, pop and old school. She can deliver any style asked of her by promoters, making her an all-round versatile DJ.

Her first ever gig was back in November 2003, at a college radio station in Bethlehem. From this, she had an online video and audio archive put onto the website, which was the stepping stone to getting herself heard and getting more gigs all over the Northeast.
Now her sights are set even higher, and in December 2010, she was lucky enough to have WTYT approach her and give her the opportunity of a lifetime by asking her to become part of the first Alternative AM Rock Station, WTYT960.

“I am here to help spread the love, with this upstart, renegade, maverick radio station. We love the alt scene and being here at WTYT960, we are about to change the way music goes viral!” ~ Jez


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